Credit Karma to Facebook

I am making the move to Facebook in May. My time at Credit Karma has been a wonderful one. I am leaving behind an important public mission, and a group of super dedicated colleagues working hard to improve the lives of everyday Americans. I am also ecstatic to join Facebook and further the mission of connecting communities!

I am sad to leave CK. It’s such a great company founded by a respected Asian American immigrant (and my idol 😂) Kenneth Lin. With a vision to “ create a simple ways for Americans to manage their financial identities”. Making the right decisions about your finances can potentially save an extra $50–$100 per month. Especially when 40% of Americans are living off less than $400 of savings*. Like who doesn’t want to help with this mission?

More over, through my time at CK, I’ve been able to feel the stories of progress we’ve made to members:

  1. Donna could not have bought a home if she didn't get the help she needed to improve her credit score. She learned how to review her credit report for free, and took action to dispute mistakes in the report through Credit Karma. As a result, eventually she secured her home.

2. Helping many folks like twitter users: @Daamshebooji, @Marisssss, and @AshleyyB___) understand credit scores. Using AI to celebrate with them when score improves, and giving them guidance on how to work on those bad spending habits. Building there financial path to their goal to be debt free, or securing a better rate for loans.

Our life literally depends on the credit score. Your ability to get a place to rent, a credit card, a car loan, a personal loan, a home loan, or any other financial product depends on your credit score. Yet most poorer Americans do not possess this knowledge. It is true when they say “the cost of banking is more expensive for poorer people”.

And for that reason, I’ve grown to love this company’s mission. Leaving it was a super difficult decision. It feels like I have chipped away something I wake up for everyday!

Although my watch ends at CK, my glowing passion for this topic has not. I am grateful to be accepted by Facebook. I am super excited to take on a new Privacy role. Furthering my career in a super interesting domain.

There’s so much to learn, there’s so much to see, and so much to do to help “connect more communities”. I can almost feel there are some synergies between the mission of both great companies.

I want to thank my CK family, and wish you all the best and here’s to more progress for members!

Passionate about advancing progress for all! Committing to doing courageously fun things in 2021!